Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a fall weekend

We had a nice weekend and remembered to grab the camera to capture some of it. As the temperatures have begun to fall and the sun is beginning to set earlier the leaves have begun to change. Just like Michigan spring and fall are two of the most beautiful in Korea. The changing leaves sets the mountains ablaze. The trees on our street  are in their glory and already started to fall and knowing that the color season goes fast we thought it would be a nice weekend for a hike. We also decided to take Joey and see how it all would go. We weren't sure he could handle it or if we'd have to carry him most the way.

We walked up to Urimji, past the second-Urimji, and found the start of the trail. We decided on a shorter hike as we got started later than expected and knew we didn't want to be hiking back in the dark.

The view through the trees as we were making our way to the top. This is the 2nd Urimji reservoir lake.
helpful steps

Ben + Joey = dirty sweaty hiking buddies forever

Joey was loving his life as he was racing up the mountain, we could hardly keep up with him. He slept like a log for a very long time afterwards.
                                                                love how the warm late afternoon sun is warming the trees 

the building is part of Semyung University

Ben just after summiting 

we did the 1 km up/down hike

its tricky getting pics of all of us looking in the same direction ahem...
finally an OK one


Ben found us hiking sticks to help us on the way down and I couldn't resist posing (cheesily I might add) for a cute pic with my new hiking buddy

After a long day we came home took showers after which Joey promptly passed out from exhaustion... mission completed! Ben and I went out for dinner at a place we were introduced to a few weeks ago that serves dak galbi; a spicy dish with chicken, cabbage, rice cake, and sometimes sweet potato.

Its all cooked in large cast iron pan right in front of you. Its perfect for a cold night cause it literally warms you from the inside out. Towards the end of the meal as you've finished most of the large chunks of stuff you order rice (or noodles) and they add it in the mix than smash it down to soak up the rest of the sauce, mix in the with the burned bits, and get really crispy and amazingly delicious. Its our favorite part of the entire meal but sadly we hardly save enough room for it. 

It was actually a very Korean day for us, and we enjoyed it, which was even more odd. The longer we're here the more we are learn that people can learn to adjust to anything. I mean honestly, who in a million years would ever have expected US to move to SOUTH KOREA and eat kimchee and all sorts of spicy red pepper drunken foods. Ben the boy who didn't eat vegetable now eats all of the above and a lot more. It's amazing how you can learn to change, adapt, and thrive even when life throws you curve balls.

Thats all for now. I am working on some more blogs aside from the usual week/weekend update, but the layouts have been driving me nuts lately so I get frustrated than give up. As you can tell this blog is laid out differently, I'm experimenting. So if the blogs are hideous my apologies and well what can I do I'm not computer programmer just a mere mortal with a laptop.