Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Happy Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year has taken me completely by surprise. I must admit that I thought it was going to be business as usual, but this holiday is a huge deal! Its so much fun to have holidays that you aren't used to. It is so funny to think that I used to think nothing of this holiday and of its importance. However, I guess that is life abroad!

We joined some friends of ours for a Lunar New Year lunch earlier in the day. It was scrumptious as usual and a welcome break from the city. They live outside of Danyang in the countryside, and it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks in large part to a nice dusting of 3 inches of snow. The mountains were glowing.

We also met some cute little puppies, named Miss Piggy and Piggy. Due to my Muppet's obsession I was drawn to Miss Piggy. However, once she wizzed on Amy I thought it might be a better idea if I just petted her from afar.

At our friends house we enjoyed a wonderful lunch of rice cake soup and some lovely Korean tempuras. My favorite was the potato tempura. Also, there were several versions of kim chi as well, because some of us (myself) cannot handle the red fire. After lunch we went for a hike in the mountains and it was gorgeous. We even got a tour of a Buddhist temple from Jennifer. I will let the pictures do the talking.

As if that wasn't pretty enough, later on our way back to the house Jennifer's dad picked us up and took us on a tour of the Woraksan Mountains. We were in awe at how beautiful it was.

It was such a wonderful day. It amazes me how much beautiful scenery can just pick you up. The earth is so beautiful, it is truly such a gift from God! A story of His love for us, and His intricate design.

But of course our day was not over just yet. Amy's birthday is tomorrow, and as many of you know so is Valentine's Day. However, because of the holiday everything is going to be closed. So tonight we decided to get in as much as we could before we were stuck in the house tomorrow all day. We hit up Mr. Pizza and Amy enjoyed some delicious potato wrapped shrimp, while I inhaled some potato and ham cheese pizza. Then when headed over to our favorite coffee shop and had coffee, hot cocoa, and a Belgian waffle that could make a grown man cry!

And tomorrow gets even better! First its breakfast in bed for Amy, and than a couple of surprises that she has no idea are coming! Stay tuned!

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