Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taco Night With A Special Guest

So I have been alone in Korea for about 3 weeks now, and its definitely been taking some getting used to. For example, I don't have to fight for blankets anymore. I don't have to be quite while staying up late. I do dishes three times a week, rather than every day. I never make the bed, and I have 3 empty pizza boxes sitting around.

But for the most part the lonely bug has left me alone. That being said I miss Amy terribly, and not like it used to be either. When we were dating we would go 3 weeks without seeing each other and it was hard. But now its like half of me is gone. I miss seeing her little face everyday. I miss the hugs. I miss the coffee dates and playing Scrabble with her. I miss not being able to decide what we want for dinner and just wandering around. I miss breakfast on Saturdays (never thought I would say that). I miss doing fun things on the weekend, and all the little meaningless conversations about nothing. I miss making her laugh, and laughing with her. I don't want to get to mushy, but just thought I'd let you in for a minute. Amy is one of the greatest gifts that God has blessed me with, and though we've had our hardships and fights, marriage is such a blessing in so many ways!

That being said I thought I would give you a peak at a boring mundane weeknight alone in Korea.

Lately, I have been eating too much pizza. (I know I didn't know that could happen either) Well in all honesty I could eat pizza 5 days a week no problem. But than I began to think my heart just might explode. So tonight I opted for taco night.

I went to Lotte Mart and grabbed some stuff including a $9 package of steak bites. Yeah steak is a rip off over here, but I went with what I recognized. I also grabbed some M&M's and a 1.5L of Coke. These ingredients are essential to a man's survival! Also, I was looking for some veggies (everyone please don't die of shock) and they really only had carrots. So I thought my heart could use the help and I threw them in as well.

Lastly, I ran to Paris Baguette to see if they had any more cinnamon rolls left. Oh, were you just shocked? Cinnamon Rolls in Korea? Yes, last night I strolled into Paris and saw just that, and it was love at first sight. It was the most delightful shock to see my sweet little delight sitting there. So innocently like it was expecting to see me. I had to look twice, because I didn't believe it at first. But I guess it was just meant to be. Very rarely are things in Korea as good as they look, but I am proud to say that my cinnamon roll definitely was. I guess its the little things that just bring you joy. I also snapped a picture of some of the doughnuts for all my doughnut lovers out there. So if you come to Korea you know what you will find.

Here is a final picture of my tacos, and I realize they are rather boring, but I'm a pretty basic guy. Now if Amy were here you would see some major artistic points, but with me its pretty simple.

Finally, my special guest made her appearance. I tried to be modest, but Ms. Cinnabon was so beautiful it was hard to hide. I know it does look like a mountain of delight doesn't it?

On a more serious note while the time alone has its serious low points, it is so very good for putting perspective on everything. I have rather enjoyed my time in Korea, because a lot of what I thought mattered so much before I left, now I dismiss as something I can live without. Everything I ran so hard after, now seems so worthless, and to be freed from this never ending greed is so liberating. Don't read into this too much either. I am hardly pointing the finger at you. For me though the more I gained the more I wanted and it ate away at my heart.

This time alone has truly been the therapy my heart needed. I feel so clear in thought and new in spirit. I was so choked out by the worries of everything, now I realize that its not about things or status. I may never own a house, or have what it takes to be a corporate big shot, or live where I want to live, or be the envy of my neighbor. However, I have found something far more valuable in the peace I have in Christ and He is more than enough. Hope for today, strength for tomorrow, and one day complete freedom from sin!

And with that I will say goodbye. Thanks for all the prayers everyone. Amy's mom is recovering from a successful surgery. If you want to read her blog here is the link...

I encourage you to leave her a note, I know it means a lot to her.


Benjamin + Amy said...

Great job lovey!!! Alone w/o a wife on the other side of the world and your cooking and blogging what an amazing man I have. This blog rocked! I plan to post another very soon from this side of the world. love you! ;) xoxox <3

Kurt said...

The Cinnamon Rolls look great! Is is amazing how God uses these times to teach us lessons. It is a blessing to read about where your heart is.

Love Dad N.

Sara said...

Don't weren't too mushy. I bet you made Amy the happiest girl in the world with all the things you said. :) I thought it was so sweet!

(Although, you seemed to go on and on about Ms. Cinnabon like you did about Amy. Is there some competition going on there that we should know about?? Haha...kidding. :)