Monday, August 23, 2010

another weekend in Jecheon

Summer break has come and gone and we are longing for fall and winter. The summer heat and humidity have been oppressive to say the least and we are impatiently looking forward to fall and winter. We've been told fall is short but gorgeous with the changing of the leaves. For a summer lover that I am I never thought I'd ever change but here I've come to long for winter or at least the cooler months. Summer has brought bugs, spiders, flies, centipedes, and endless terrible smells. In the winter most if any of those didn't exist and/or were much less potent.

Last weekend was the Jecheon International Film and Music Festival. We had modestly high hopes for it being an "International" festival however those were quickly dashed after we studied the list and descriptions of films available for the viewing. Most of the films were in Korea and than another large percent of them were about bands we'd never heard of. Nothing appealed to us in the least. We then decided to attended the "New Artist Discovery" which we happened to stumble upon while wondering down town. We knew there was suppose to be some kind of performance onto of a building but the map was so badly drawn we couldn't find it but lucked out by following our ears. There were 5 groups that participated. We genuinely were impressed and enjoyed the first 2 performances one was an acoustic guitar duo and another a odd funny band. The last 3 steadily went down hill.

an early shot of the stage before the show began

the logo all over town

band #1: two acoustic guitarists (?) the guy (pictured) also played this other instrument still have no idea what it is but it put a hose into his mouth and powered it via air than played this keyboard, kinda reminded me of a different version of an accordian.

last but not least the rappers - HAHAHAHAHA!!! we laughed our heads off at this pair 30 seconds later we had had enough and left so we don't exactly know who won the competition.

Lately I've been feeling a bit crafty and discovered a good place to start for ideas. I found a simple pattern for a bracelet and they suggested using any number of materials and I had none of them. So I came up with my own. After digging around I found I had an extra pair of hiking boot laces and a random black shoe lace... perfect! I made Ben a bracelet and a key chain for his apt key. He was quite pleased to say the least. He's not one to wear man-jewelry (aside from the wedding ring) so I was tickle to see just how much he liked it.

This is my latest Korean hair cut. I took in a picture of Victoria Beckham's pob (Posh bob) and well... I came out with this. Its cute but not what I wanted. The lady has cut my hair twice now and she gets sooo unbelievably frustrated because its not pin straight and doesn't just fall into place. It took her forever to blow dry my hair with a itty bitty round brush than a flat iron all of which didn't work. The pic is after I tackled it the next day. The style I walked out with was utterly Korean short hair with wavey bangs and all. And of course you run into someone you know with the weird hair and blurt out "I just got my hair cut this isn't how I normally look!" Most people having lived in this city long enough to need a hair cut completely understand. oh well, tis life in Korea.

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Casey said...

I think your hair is cute. Getting haircuts is tough. I just got mine recut here, showed the stylist the same picture I showed the girl in Korea and got something quite different. I like it, but it's weird how two people can look at the same thing and come away with different ideas. You look cute though! Maybe next time someone will ACTUALLY give you the Beckham.