Friday, August 13, 2010

summer break part I

NOTE* being sort of lazy and taking sooo long to finally post these pics I posted I later realized that when it comes to chronology these are backwards; so the if that bothers you and you wish to know the order of it all start from the bottom and work up for this post as well as the other (summer break parts I and II) :)

no idea where this was we drove for ever and ever and stopped every now and than so I could take pics

Ben and Mr. Lee... oh my boys will be boys.

how does that go; in a van down by the river.... korean camping, they just set up anywhere and its so odd


we went up there to get a view of the bridge and the surrounding, it was quiet beautiful

there's Ben way below on the bridge

we were here in the winter and it was so pretty to see it all green in the summer without all the snow and ice

Ben and Mr. Lee taking it all in

Big beautiful sunflowers - Ben was the photog

Photog Mr. Lee- us and the rocks

me and the rock - thanks Mr. Lee

Korean tourist/photo op Mr. Lee took us too on our 2-day Tour-de-Corea

Proof that we were driving through the middle of no where, his car GPS couldn't find us on the dirt back roads.

wild bee hive

typical mountain farmstead

Mr. Lee took us to his fields because we were curious to see them.

Some pepper plants, the peppers hadn't yet turned red (as of the past 2 weeks they are all turning and its just so neat to see fields of green turn to have bright red peppers hanging from them)

Korean sweet potato plants = coguma

His fields are tucked in a pretty little valley between the mountains. It was so incredibly picturesque. He works at his fields every weekend and some week days aside from his full time job of running the school. Its very typically Korean to do so. It's just plain hard work and most people have a field somewhere and the crops last them through the winter

Another Korean standard: man-made waterfall in Danyang

Menu at the wild boar restaurant. This was a special lunch Mr. Lee treated us too.

Its mildly disturbing how they always have a picture of the animal you're about to eat hanging up. It makes me feel funny to take a bite and look up and see this;

The restaurant sign. It was just across from the river, we sat on the floor in front of a huge window that looked out over the huge river and the gorgeous mountains.

Some of the many side dishes, they were several I'd never had before including 2 types of wild mushrooms, homemade pickles, pickled ferns, and

more sides... mushrooms, dried spicy shrimp, kimchee, pickles, sesame leaf in the basket. All of the sides are made on site.

Korean BBQ'd Wild Boar = DELICIOUS!!!

Say Kimchee, yes, thats spicy red hot kimchee going in my mouth. It's actually really great with meat.

Following the boar and many side dishes, Mr. Lee ordered this cold buckwheat noodle soup. The broth is tasty but is like a slushee than melts as you eat it. I was mildly terrified to try it as cold slimy noodles in savory broth just don't sound like my cuppa tea but I was pleasantly surprised.

Ben actually enjoyed the meal although his face says otherwise in this pic, he was super full and ready for a nap when I took this.

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