Wednesday, July 14, 2010

on a walk

We've made this walk many a times and for once I remembered to bring the camera and get a few shots. We enjoy this part the most but there is much more to this epic walk we take. It's 2 1/2 miles and along the way its not necessarily nice as its up a looong hill and next to a major roadway in town were construction trucks fly past spewing dust and debris in to the air.

Our favorite stretch is captured below. Its a stretch of calm, green, nature, and wild life in between what seems like craziness.

Ben kept trucking ahead as I stopped to take a few pictures.

There are always white herons feeding in the fields and stream that surround this path.

The every present apartment buildings peering above the greenery.

Peace-WHAT?!?! I'm fairly sure it's supposes to say PEACE-FULL not PEACE-PUL either way still not quite right. Whenever you see signs like this (atop a large building for all to see) you wonderful how/why someone didn't have get it checked for spelling. Just a thought.

In typical fashion there is lettuce growing right up next to the sidewalk. They use every last square inch no matter where it is. This land is most likely quite expensive as its close to a water source and very fertile.

Fuzzy pink flowers on a tree we passed. Just thought they were so pretty and unique.

The fuzzy pink flower tree and the mountains in the distance. Such a beautiful view, one I'll miss someday I'm sure.

Ben spotted this little buddy on the foot bridge we cross just as we start our favorite stretch.

Spotted this man carting a massive load of you-name-it-he's-got-it just down the street from our apartment.


Carrie Rollins said...

I wanna see pictures of your apt.!

Benjamin + Amy said...

there are pics earlier in the blog of our place and some scattered through out. Thanks for following!