Monday, November 22, 2010

day in and day out

The past few days we've been watching a show entitled "An Idiot Abroad". The title pretty much defines it. The entire premis of the show is that Ricky Gervais (the mastermind behind the project) is sending out Karl Pilkington (the idiot) to see the seven wonders of the world. Needless to say if  you enjoy British humor and have done a bit of travel here and there you'll truly enjoy it.

As we've watch the show we've laughed our heads off in understanding of the strange smells and vistas of foreign countries, tasting unknown foods, and the constant attention you attract as an outsider.

WHEN we have hot water we run for the showers and to the sink to wash dishes. The only down side (if there is one to having hot water) is the water is soooo stinking hot it burns your skin off, literally. Its the kind of shower were the water temp fluctuates enough to make you jump in and out of the stream every 5 minutes. Personally, I much rather deal with the burning hot shower than the ice cold shower of the antarctic. Ben of course loves the opposite, the ice showers of the antarctic, figures. At least one of us is usually happy.

Everyday we seem to discover more and more eye-roll inducing things around the house. As a result of the hot showers and the useless itty bitty fan that only works part-time our entire apartment fills with steam (tonite even the mirror at the front door was fogged) now causing us to have turn on the hood vent above the stove and fully open a window to get some actual ventilation going. All this is to avoid further growth of mold under a very thin yet semi-protective layer of wallpaper. It's just enough to make you wonder whats really underneath but never peel it back to find out. With our one year mark approaching this week its these many things that make us wonder why are we still here?!?!?

Alas, there are many reasons we are staying but the everyday life in a small Korean city is not one I'd choose for the long haul, but it's sure been a trip.

Just thought I'd share these few random thoughts for the day. Tomorrow we head to immigration to sign our lives away for Korea 2.0


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