Tuesday, November 23, 2010

just " joy" joey

Hi everyone! Its getting to be that busy time of year and its the same here as it is anywhere around the holidays. This year is of course a bit different for several reasons but instead of packing our stuff to go home we are settling in even more with another year on the brink. Next Friday, November 26 with be exactly one year for us here in Korea. It's amazing how fast its gone but there were definitely times when it crawled.

As of next week I'll be filling in for Chelsie (the other American teacher at the school). She is going on a month long vacay and it conveniently worked out that I could fill in and also get her paycheck for a month. It really helps us out and also gives me a break from home life. So just know that I haven't quite blogging completely if I don't post for the next month or so. We leave for Thailand Dec. 17 ( Happy Birthday Mom!) and return Dec 27th. Than I'll be back at home dying to get my blog on and share our once in a lifetime trip to Thailand.

For now just wanted to share some cute fun pics of Joey. He's just such a funny little guy and the camera always seems to be within reach so capture some of his antics. And what can I say I like to show him off seeing as how he's our little baby. Most Koreans know him as "Joy" at least thats how they pronounce Joey. They are either terrified of him or want to pet him quite vigorously. We've been cautious on both accounts for his safety and mental wellbeing. Koreans over all don't do well with pets or animals in general so socializing him has been an extra hard challenge here. Lucky Joey is quite smart and very curious so we've had fun exposing him to new things and doing it the right way (thank-you Cesar!).

one of the latest cozy nap spots

nothing like snuggling up with Ben's boxers

havin' a snooze in Ben's lap
am I cute enough for a pic now momma?

Another favorite past-time is wrestling with Ben, this time Been was wearing a white tiger winter hat and Joey just loved attacking him in it. He growled and growled and so did Ben it was quite the match up.

Joey and I snuggling before bedtime and when I leaned down to kiss his head his tongue came out and Ben caught it! Love that little pink tongue!            

I took him into the store with me one day like this and he just loved it cozy as a bug in a rug.

sweet sleepy snuggly puppy and his Christmas tree blanket

the newest place to nap and hang out... laundry basket

To the right is Joey's Aunt Jen-Jen she is a teacher at another school. She will be caring for Joey when we are in Thailand. As you can tell they get along just fine.

Hi upside down, still cute!

no words needed : p 

Ben decided to try putting his hood up, he wasn't very amused but we had a nice laugh.

That's all for now from this side of the planet.

Good Night & Good Morning!

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