Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heartbreak for Haiti

Today I just wanted to write a little about what is going on right now and how its affected me. The happenings of our day can not compare with what is going on right now in Haiti. So with that allow me to share with you a few things from my heart.

I have to say that over the past 48 hours watching the news has has brought me to tears more then once. As I sat on the floor tonight eating my dinner, consisting of a fried egg, fried potatoes, and a sliced apple with shmears of peanut butter, it once again hit me just how blessed and privileged I am. I sat there on a heated floor with plenty of food (yet in my head complaining because I had to cook it) a warm bed, a sanitary bathroom, and money in my pocket to spare. We have so much and I truly think that 99.9% of Americans (including myself) take this for granted 100% of each and every day; or at least they do until something happens to threaten it all.

As I sat there on the floor watching the pictures, video clips, and sound bites tears began streaming down my face. I sat there listening to the cries of human beings trapped, unable to free themselves from the massive piles of rubble. Hands desperately waving out of the crevices to let someone... anyone know they are still alive and need to be rescued.

There is nothing quite like the desperate cry of a child who is lost, hurt, afraid, and confused. Pictures of children dead in the streets while their siblings and surviving family wail and mourn. Mothers carry their injured children only to get to the demolished hospital and find there is no help. It's all just a horrifying nightmare.

The news anchors say just send your money, its the best and only thing you can do right now. I hate money. It's the root of all evil yet if put in the right hands can impact so many. What if I send money to an organization and some how my act of kindness gets taken advantage of? Then I think oh well, who cares, it was never mine to begin with. I've simply been entrusted with it to do with as HE would have done; and that most definitely includes helping the hungry, the poor, the needy, the sick, the disaster stricken.

So here is a challenge to myself and our family and friends; recognizing all that we have, it being so incredibly much more in comparison to so many in this world lets first and foremost pray for the people of Haiti, pray for the rescue workers, pray for those who had nothing to begin with yet lost everything in the death of family members; and secondly lets give, give of the wealth that we have, give to people who are in desperate need of what we can give.

I realize not everyone has the means to give money but we all have something to give in our thoughts and prayers. Here is where Ben and I participated with a donation if you would like to join us. If you do, please let us know we'd like to thank-you on behalf of those who can't.

Samaritan's Purse | Haiti | Emergency Relief |Catastrophic Earthquake Hits Haiti

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