Saturday, January 16, 2010

There is something in our walls!

Well just in case anyone is wondering what is going on with us, I am happy to say not very much at all. The last couple of days have been very uninteresting and things have began to slow down for the both of us.

I love teaching, its a big difference from the corporate mindset and it is such a welcomed break. Also, I haven't driven a car in a month and I don't miss one minute of traffic. Sure there are very limited quantities of food I can eat, and no one seems to understand what I'm saying, but I like the slower pace of things. It's also not very individualistic over here. Instead its more about community and relationships, and while I am an individual to my core, I can't help but welcome the genuine concern for others. I surprised myself, because I really didn't think I would like it this much. And I realize I am in the honeymoon stage, but still I am just so happy we decided to make the move.

Today though something very odd happened. We heard something that I think would scare the life out of most. There was little feet, or now that I think about it maybe not so little, walking in our walls. While we never saw the monster, all I know is that I will never be the same. At first I just assured myself that it was nothing, but there was just no denying it, as it left our bedroom and than entered our bathroom and than the kitchen and finally silence. Amy and I just looked at each other speechless.

However, we quickly recovered and finished off the night on a strong point with some more delicious potato soup and hopes that the monster was simply passing by. I will open a poll for everyone to vote on what you think the monster is. Hopefully, you can help us get to the bottom of this. Tomorrow we are off for hair cuts and hopefully fondue! We will keep you updated.

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Casey said...

I've heard noises in our walls before, but nothing so clear! That is scary. Maybe it's a cute monster?