Saturday, January 2, 2010

A snowy start to our 2010

Today we woke to a quiet morning, not the usual sounds of car horns and traffic. We opened our shades to find there was about 3 inches of white fluffy snow blanketing our part of the world. Every winter it always amazes me how snow changes everything. This is the most snow we've seen all winter so it was actually kind nice, it justified the cold for once.

Thankfully we made a run to the grocery store last night so we got to enjoy the snow from the warmth of the inside today. Today was a catch-up, un-pack, do laundry, and cleaning day so the snow outside made it all the cozier.

Something we did notice throughout the day starting in the morning were the ambulance sirens. Literally about every hour or less all day long we have heard ambulances about the streets. Fully having experienced the craziness of Korean driving, in perfectly dry average conditions mind you, it all made sense that now with a few inches of snow they would be paying the price for their stop-and-go ways. It was all the more reason for us to stay in today. I couldn't help but think there was a good chance just walking down the sidewalk could get us killed today if there were so many cars flying off the road, so we nestled in and cranked up the heater.

Ben was able to catch several college bowl games very late last night/early this morning which he thoroughly enjoyed. We also figured out how to use my brothers Sling Box. Oh, how I've missed you Food Network! I know its completely pathetic but in an odd way it was very comforting and relaxing to hear and see something so familiar. It's the most English I've heard in a long time and it was refreshing to see food other then raw fish, red pepper sauce, and sweet potatoes being used as ingredients. That was definitely one of our favorite Christmas gifts!

Speaking of food, this morning I decided I was going to make pancakes. I bought a pancake mix at the grocery store but not being able to understand or pick out a single word of the directions, I started dumping and came up with a tasty batter and we had pancakes with dots of melted butter for breakfast. I also used my brand new coffee maker that Ben surprised me with for Christmas! hehehe! aaaahhhh the aroma of freshly brewed Starbucks Breakfast Blend, there's nothing quite like it. So between a nice cup of coffee, pancakes, and a cold, sweet, juicy apple breakfast was definitely a high note of the day.

As far as other cooking goes, to be honest I've struggled. I am convinced the sheer lack of space does not allow my brain to get into it's creative zone and cook how I cook best, off the top of my head. There is no room to think and even less to cook in this so called kitchen. But I remain determined to continue trying. I get frustrated quite easily when it takes an hour or more to make a simple meal. It's just how a lot of things are over here, different. I've had to just keep reminding myself that we've still only been here for 4 weeks as of today. I just feel like I should be catching on faster, I should be getting things down to science or at least routine by now but I'm not. I know, I'm tough on myself but I can't help it. I know all of this will come in due time.

Well, thats probably enough chatter about everyday life for one day. Here are a few pics...

Ben enjoying his better batter Coldstone icecream and showing off my treat from Smoothie King. Koreans L-O-V-E their smoothies and icecream even in the middle of winter so we jumped right in. YUM!

After a cold smoothy I needed a warm-up...mmmm it tasted just like home, no Korean funk here

I couldn't resist these cute puppy socks for 2,000W at Myeongdong Market, they even had tiny little ears. There were a few different kinds and all the girl socks here are like this very cutesy and fun, no white socks here.

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