Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Surprise Surprise!!!

So far this week has been very busy and it seems we're struggling again to find a new routine or at least one that accommodates both our schedules. On Monday I started helping out at school in Danyang also owned and run by Director Lee. This involves me commuting everyday which can get frustrating when you can't read the bus schedule. I leave home at 9:30a catch a cab to the bus terminal, then take the 10:15 bus to Danyang. I'm done at school at 2:40p to catch the 2:55p bus back to Jecheon, and then a cab. Meanwhile Ben gets up and going about 10am and off to school at 1:45p and doesn't come home until 9:30ish. So we just miss each other coming and going to school. It also affects your meal schedule. I try to grab breakfast or something because if I don't I won't get to eat until I get home around 4p. Ben's school has dinner catered in each evening so thats nice but its not always 100% edible if you know what I mean being classic Korean food.

Teacher Ben had a very full day today as well. He had 5-50 minute classes and hardly had time to eat dinner so he came home STARVING and practically ate me out of house and home. So hungry in fact that decided to use up his one-pizza-per-week on a Tuesday. Hope the rest of the week is better.

And now for the surprise... when Ben came home he had a box in his hand...drum roll please......

Finally our box arrived from my parents, they sent some stuff back with a Korean exchange student who had gone home for Christmas! Finally... 4 weeks after Christmas we got our first box.

To you all of these items seem very ordinary like packages of soup mix or seasonings, M&M's, or even hot chocolate. A box of 3 packets that each make about a shot glass size drink of hot choc. here costs about 10,000W or about $8-9 here at the groc store, ridiculous!!!So to say the least we were soooo excited to finally get a few treats from home, THANK"S MOM and DAD!!!

Thats about it for today, I'm wiped and need to head to bed its up early for me these days at 8:30am ; ) hahaha just thought I'd throw that out there. I have to say I don't miss the days of having to get up for work at 6:30am, hope my car starts in the below freezing temps, and then drive an hour through epic traffic. And 8:30am is by far the earliest I've been up since we moved here. Since Ben works late we tend to stay up late then sleep in, it just bumps everything back since he works from 2pm-10pm.

Oh and thanks to all of you who read this blog, its been fun writing and posting pics and hearing your thoughts about life here. Please don't be shy with the comments either. Its nice to know so many people care so much about us to read this. Love ya'll! G'nite!


Benjamin + Amy said...

oh and I forgot to mention that within less then 30 seconds of having the box open Ben had inhaled 2 Mounds bars and I ripped open a Cup of tomato soup mmmm... THANKS MOM!!!

Karen said...

Hi Amy,

I look forward to reading about your latest adventures! Thanks for sharing!! Anything else you could use from home (cravings)?? Take care and stay warm!


Casey said...

I'm so glad you got your package. It's so nice to have things from home. :) :)

It sounds like working in Danyang is a pretty good gig, but, a little stessful because they're light on the manpower.