Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Day = No School = Feasting

Last night I set out my clothes, packed my bag, and was mentally preparing myself for my first day in Danyang. I was nervous to the point that I couldn't sleep, thinking about the logistics of getting there and back and about how exactly I was going to be assisting. I'll be taking a cab to the bus terminal, then a 30-40 minute bus ride to Danyang, then walk the rest of the way and then the return trip home. I've made the trip before just not in this method and not on my own. I'm sure I'll be comfortable with it by the end of the week but its just the first time always makes me a little nervous especially not having a cell phone, if for some reason I get stuck somewhere; always makes for an adventure.

I headed to bed as usual a little earlier then Ben around 1:45am and couldn't sleep. Somewhere between my nervousness and the revolting noises coming from downstairs I didn't manage to fall asleep until 3am. Sadly, this was not the first time we've heard such sounds. Its always late, usually on a weekend, and he's always had too much Soju after which we also suffer the consequences because our bed happens to be directly above his bathroom. My apologies for that graphic description but it's just life here.

After having been on vacation for a few days our eating and sleeping schedule was off and Monday morning was the day to get it back on track. We woke up just before 10am to a cold room and our very loud metallic pink phone blaring its obnoxious tune. It always makes your heart skip a few beats not knowing why the Director is calling, as it is most certainly him at this time of day. So Ben flies out of bed and sure enough its Dir. Lee...

"Good Morning Sir,
How are you?
Yes, I'm fine...oh, really, alright then! Well, thank-you and Happy New Year to you too.



I could hardly believe it. Just last night I very matter of factly asked Ben if it was going to snow today as I was laying out my clothes and he'd said no, maybe just some flurries. Neither of us were prepared for what we saw when we rolled up the shade...

There was already several inches of snow and no sign of it stopping. As you can see we could barely see the intersection below much less down the street. My first day and it was cancelled, a little disappointing but relieving at the same time. You, remember the excitement of hoping and praying school will be closed and then it is, its just pure bliss, even more so now as an adult. Knowing you don't have to go out or do anything if you don't want to. We enjoyed a snow day at home, cozy, and inside. There were heavy snow showers all day. It was the biggest story by far on the local news, only understanding the word "centimeta". Even CNN gave us some air time showing clips of the huge snow storm that had just been through China and was now hovering over Seoul, South Korea. There was something so funny about watching that then looking out the window and thinking thats us, thats where we live!

What to do, what to do... I cozied up to knit for a while, chatted with the rents and then it was time for lunch. I made Ben the usual on his request, a fried egg sandwich, and I tried the a package of ramen noodles. The noodles were fine but the flavoring packet was the usual bleh flavor but so much so I drained it and just ate the noodles.

After a disappointing lunch I decided I was in a cooking mood and we were going to feast tonite. I was not about to go out to the store so I was going to have to use what I had.

I started off by making peanut butter cookie dough in hopes that we could have cookies for dessert baked in what I now lovingly refer to as my Korean Easy Bake oven. I had all but 2 ingredients vanilla and brown sugar but the dough tasted pretty good.

Then I started on dinner. I had just bought a package of 4 very thin pork cutlets and decided to pan fry them with apples and onions. I steamed broccoli and mashed up a sweet potato with butter and salt to round it all out. YUM! Surprisingly it all turned out really well. It took just over an hour to make the cookie dough and the meal so not too bad time wise either considering it was all from scratch and with one burner. With such a fabulous feast about to be had there was no way I was going to sit on the floor and eat.

I cleared off our tiny table and set it with our new melamine plates, forks, and knives from the dollar store. If I could whip up a meal like this we could find a way to eat like civilized people, at a table with silverware, and even a candle!

The meal was a complete success to say the least.

Ben inhaled it and was quite blown away by my determination to cook like I did when we lived State side. His comment was, "this is kinda wierd, where are we again?" It was a compliment really, if I can do it back home and Korea is my new home why can't I do it here? And I did.

Next, it was time to bake the cookies. I pulled out the tray from the KEBO and loaded up with a few dough balls, popped it in, and hoped for the best. Incredibly the best happened, 12 short minutes later we were biting into warm, melty, chocolate peanut butter cookies. It just topped off the whole day so nicely. And to my utter dismay the KEBO can actually bake cookies, can't wait to use it even more now. Thanks Mom and Dad Nanney!!!!

mmm there's nothing quite like the smell of cookies in the oven...

Done! Oh, and I ran out of choc kisses and used a little jam (PB+J cookies)

That's about it for today... and yes, just like kids we are crossing our fingers for another snow day although reality is it's just not going to happen. I'd love to get snowed in and come up with another feast.


Casey said...

Ah! I'm so impressed. You've totally inspired me to make sure we go out and get our convection oven. :)

AgapeAdrienne said...

I loved reading this!

Michigan Mom2three said...

Amy - you are amazing! I'm not surprised at your wonderful dinner..... I know who your mother is! :)