Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Love the Weekend

Well its been a pretty tame couple of days in Jecheon lately. Yesterday we enjoyed the shops of downtown Jecheon and hunted for that always elusive bargain. Amy got some lovely face scrub, some of fun colored nail polish, super cute hot pink measuring cups, and a cool new bag which she is very pumped up about. And for good reason, because she looks so cute with it.

I bought some really warm socks, because when we walk around my toes are the first to give way to the bitter cold, and a big large pizza from Domino's, it even had some bacon on it. However, there was only exactly 8 pieces of bacon sadly.

Today we soaked in a restful Sunday and stumbled across some really cheap tunes on, it was a special $5 deal and we cleaned house. A little bit of everything; Rascal Flatts, Lights, and OneRepublic, we were very excited.

After our sing-along we decided it was about time to head to church. This Sunday we decided to join Allister Begg at Parkside in Ohio just to change things up a bit. It was convicting as much as it was reassuring. Convicting because I feel so apathetic, like I don't have what it takes. Reassuring because its not about what I can/cannot do, it's about what has already been done for me, on the Cross. I remembered that in my emptiness I am whole.

Later on we walked downtown to meet Ian and Casey for some scrumptious pizza and ice cream fondue. It occurred to me tonight that a strange phenomenon has occurred, I willingly order potatoes on my pizza. I don't know how this started happening, but if your brave I would encourage you to try it, its quite delicious. As far as ice cream fondue goes though we weren't so lucky.

We were at E-Mart just browsing the shelves when we found some rather large boxes of Special K which could feed a very large hungry bear. When we went to order the ice cream fondue at Baskin Robbins confusion erupted. The women behind the counter definitely didn't understand us. She turned around and pulled out a container of cherry tomatoes, to my great displeasure, popped one in her mouth turned to us and said no. Now I don't know if that was all the fruit they had left, it being a Sunday night, or if tomatoes are common in fondue both of which are a bit disturbing, but I was brokenhearted just the same. The picture of the fondue on the menu board consisted of fruit and about ten different little scoops of ice cream surrounding a bowl of melted chocolate. It looked like pure delight. I promise that when we do finally partake in this fondue delight, I will show you what you're all missing.

Later we went to check out Ian and Casey's place which is just lovely. It was quite a different set up compared to ours. They have a walk in coat closet and/or guest room depending on what you need it for, and a large screened balcony. We had a blast playing Jenga (called Befly here), and watching 500 Days of Summer while stuffing in as much popcorn as we could handle. It's so nice to have friends to laugh with, it takes the bite out of the winter blues.

And with that I have run out of things to say, but tomorrow its back to work and I'm not dreading it all, just wish there was more time for exploring. But I guess its what makes the weekends so good!

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