Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little bit of everything

Today has been a little bit of a rough day and I just wasn't feeling up to writing about it all so I thought I'd keep things light by posting some pics I've taken in the past couple days.

My dinner tonite, carmelized banana pancakes mmmm! I needed some comfort food and this was the only thing I could think if making.

My dinner last nite, chicken and veggie curry (Korean style). It wasn't bad but not exactly the nice spicy smoky Indian flavor I was hoping for.

Some candy I thought I'd try right to left: Herb candy and Bamboo salt candy which is actually quite tasty.

Check out the carrots in the bag, they are BLACK and dirty straight from the ground to the store to my curry! The curry "sauce" come in blocks. I tried to dissolve it in water before I dumped it in and it didn't dissolve but it at least smelled like curry. The little containers are pumpkin porridge with honey, it just sounded yummy.


Sara said...

I love your pictures! And...I love that you have a Phil AND a Sara in your class! :)

Miss you!

Benjamin + Amy said...

hahaha! yep, the Phil was on purpose, I promised people if we got to give out American names I'd use people from home so I did. I made a list and it started with family so its kind of funny to call on them. and please tell Phil that my "Pill" in class is a handful not sure if he's living up to the name or what but wow he is trouble sometimes ;) your house looks great btw!