Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Charlie Brown and a paper Christmas tree

So nothing to exciting today, I'm at home again while Ben's teaching at school. Sounds like things are going well. He gets frustrated with the little twirps of course but for the most part it seems he's adjusting well to the new career.

After all the cleaning yesterday I decided I needed to do a little decorating, something to warm up this white walled little place for the holidays. So my entire day was devoted to crafting, with the very limited supplies I had. My supplies included a pair of scissors, lined notebook paper, a few pens in different colors. I plan to decorate our entire apartment with hand made paper things this year. I'll be sure to post a picture when the decor is complete but for now its a work in progress and I want to build up a little excitement for the big reveal...

This all sprang from the fact that it just doesn't feel Christmasy here in our apartment or even in the city for that matter. It was making me grouchy, I was feeling sorry for myself that I wasn't going to get to have Christmas this year the way we usually do. And then my iTunes began to playing the theme song to Charlie Brown Christmas and my heart just melted. I googled Charlie Brown Christmas and watched as Linus told Charles about the REAL meaning of Christmas. It warmed my heart and made me excited all over again that this year we'll get to make Christmas whatever we want it to be. No distractions, no hoopla, no commercialism to disturb us. We'll get to spend it together, just us. Deep down I'd always wanted to do that, and it's not that we don't absolutely love and miss our families terribly but to be able to make memories like this is priceless, once in a lifetime. Don't get me wrong take every opportunity to be with your family but when life circumstances prevents it make the best of it. I mean I'm absolutely missing not being able to bake up a storm, even if I wanted to I couldn't this year, unless Santa brings me a toaster oven at the least *wink wink JK, kinda... but being able to just relax and not have to worry about what party is next and what I have to bring and what I'm going to wear, its nice for a change.

So this Christmas is going to be simple yet special. We have no real plans but thats kinda the fun of it. I'm not even sure we're going to exchange gifts. I brought stockings for each of us and had at least planned on filling those up but who knows.

Ben will have 10 days off school and we are thinking about going to Seoul for a few days maybe over New Year's and catch some amazing fireworks.

So thats about it for today hope you enjoy this Christmas season but don't forget to slow down and just take it all in, enjoy time with family and be sure to bake some extra cookies and send them to us ; )

즐거운 성탄절 보내세요 및 새해 복 많이 받으세요!
(Merry Christmas in Korean)


Casey said...

I'm so impressed with your upbeat attitude. It's tough that Christmas is coming so early in your adjustment, but it seems like you guys have really got the right idea. We sent presents home for our families, but we're not exchanging gifts ourselves. We've decided that our trip together during the vacation time is enough. Seoul should be wonderful, I'll look up the hot springs resort near here, too, and send it to you.

katie said...

Hi Amy! I know it's been awhile, but I have been reading your blog and stuff when I found out you guys were going to Korea to teach English because I also spontaneously went to Asia (Taiwan) to teach English for a year and felt some of the same things you are feeling. It was the roughest experience of my life, but also brought the biggest blessings and growth. I'm so glad you guys have each other and have a good school. I look back on that year as such an adventure and am so thankful for it. Know that I am praying for you two, especially during the holidays! Enjoy the ride!

-Katie Cole