Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its about Stinking Time

My apologies to all the faithful that have been following the blog, unfortunately it has taken the back burner for the past few days, but I assure you it will not happen again. So let me start with what happened on Saturday and than Amy can fill you in on Sunday and Monday, because I have to goto school soon. Saturday began at 11:30 and for the first time we took mass transport. I tried to put it off as long as I could because of the unknown involved, but it was inevitable. We took the bus to Mr. Lee's house in Danyang, because he wanted us to meet with his son about some business stuff. So the bus was actually not that bad, because Chelsie (one of the other English teachers in my school) showed us how it was done. Than after we arrived at Mr. Lees house we met his son and had some coffee and raw peanuts. Now raw peanuts are rather raw, but you can still get the peanut taste a little bit. However, I'll get back to those delicious peanuts in a bit. Next, we all went out to eat and ate a Korean beef stew, and I have to say except for all the side dishes, which Mr. Lee insisted I try all of them, it was actually real beef, and very good. Here is a picture of our feast, don't be too jealous there was no bread involved.

Next, we said goodbye to Chelsie and Mr. Lee's son and went to Jennifer's house. Jennifer is another American who teaches at the school, but is also a Korean. She is fluent in both Korean and English so she helps us break down that nasty language barrier. But I regret to say our camera died, but we will make up for it, because we will be returning soon maybe for Christmas. But her house was absolutely beautiful. It had a raised roof, with wood everywhere and a beautiful wood burning stove which they were using to roast sweet and regular potatoes to our sweet delight. The smell was from heaven, because it was the first smell from home so far, and the warmth from the fire was amazing. Jennifer's dad was doing all the roasting and he also spoke both Korean and English so we all sipped coffee and dug into some fresh organic potatoes, because they make them on there farm, oh yeah! It was awesome, and than they gave us some to take home, and a whole bag of peanuts, which we will find some way to roast. Again the kindness of people in Korea is so different than America and sometimes its really refreshing. We may return to Jennifer's for Christmas and if we do I assure you our camera will be ready to go so I can capture the magic! Afterwards, we checked out two buddhist temples and even went for a bit of a hike up these stairs that were hand carved out of the rock we were climbing. It was gorgeous and Amy and I couldn't help thinking that this is why we came to Korea. But without pictures its hard to really explain so we will double back there so everyone can see. After all of this is it began to snow and we drove to Homeplus which is like a bigger and better E-mart. We than grabbed some stuff we needed and some stuff we didn't and headed back home. Just in time to grab some pizza and head over to the cinema to see the 11:30pm showing of Avatar with Ian and Casey. The funniest part of the whole night had to be when we sat down in the theater. In Korea they give assigned seats in the theater, but Ian and Casey said they never sat in there assigned seats and if Koreans came up they would just say we don't understand. Well this time there were a whole group of kids who came up to us trying to explain that we were in there seats. But at this point it was lesson time, because there was a row of seats unoccupied right in front of us. But they had our seats and Ian kept on repeating I don't understand, it was hilarious. They eventually neglected the good seats in front of us for some seats in the back and to the side which is mind boggling, but it just gives you a peak in to the culture of Korea, and its very by the book. By the way if you haven't seen Avatar yet it is worth your money, it was a wonderful surprise. I thought the CGI would get in the way, but it added to the richness of the story, and we didn't even get to see the 3d version. Well this blog is getting too big so with that I will say farewell and Christmas is only in 3 more days, Hallelujah (in more than one way)!

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