Tuesday, December 1, 2009



So I guess it's official...we/I have a blog. Never thought I'd utter those words but alas here I am and quite excited about it!

So today, 48 or so hours and counting(I already hardly know which day it is) and I'm already quite exhausted, getting very forgetful, and wondering how we thought we'd be able to pull this off in time. Packing was never so time consuming as it is when you are cramming everything you plan to wear for the next year into one (now 45 pound) duffle bag. Yea, thats right I just spent hours packing enough clothes for 4 seasons, 365+ days, and less than a healthy amount of shoes in ONE bag, I think it's a miracle! These past few weeks but especially days have been a whirlwind of good-bye's and questionable amounts of Airborne in hopes of not getting sick due to lack of sleep and plenty of stress.

Ok, so this isn't exactly what I planned on blogging about on my first post but I think it's only fair to share this experience the only way I know how, honestly, sleeplessly if needed and with that said I can bearly type anymore...too sleepy...zzzzz

Thank-you all so incredibly much for all your love and support you've showered us with, it means more than you know. It's times like these when we question our own sanity that the support and affirmation of those who know us best are most appreciated! (LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!) We will miss you all dearly but plan to do our very best to stay in regular contact.

ok seriously... bed. nite ya'll!


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