Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Live from Seoul

Hello everyone I am proudly blogging from Seoul, the soul of Asia (I thought I would steal it from the many billboards I saw it on). And after the ten miles of walking and 3 plus hours on the railway system I must say I am spent! However, I thought I would show you some pictures so you could experience our day with us. First of all we woke up early to grab a train from Jecheon to Seoul, and it actually was quite fun. It was snowing and I was telling Amy how nostalgic it was, and she just gave me that your crazy look. But it was beautiful heres a bit of what we saw from our very seats.

We even saw a Costco which put an extra big smile on our faces, because we knew the myths were true.

The train ride was great but than we got to Seoul and it got real confusing real fast. However, we jumped right in the 10 subways and found our way to our hotel pretty quickly. I would take credit, but Amy might abuse me if I do.

When we arrived at our hotel we were wowed! It is beautiful and right in the Coex mall, which is a monstrous mall. Also, the bathroom is bigger than our entire apartment, and the shower is bigger than our entire bathroom.

The view is also amazing it definitely has the big city feel.

But after a quick tour of the Coex I convinced Amy, or rather coerced her to check out the downtown area. She was really worn out from the fish flu, but suddenly motivated by my suggestion to buy her things. So we stumbled our way downtown and I was very excited til I exited the subway and felt the life slip out of my body. The cold was so brutal it took much of the joy out of our downtown exploration. We explored a temple, a design expo, checked out the Lotte Department store, grabbed a krispy kreme doughnut, ate at CPK, and shopped an underground market.

I think the most interesting thing of the night would be the Lotte Department Store. Koreans must have some serious cash, because there department stores are unbelievable. And the majority of them are wearing the designer names. I have never seen so many expensive clothes in my whole entire life, and the wild thing was that the place was jammed. After the wow factor wore off Amy and I ran for the cheap market downstairs. And yes I did not lead Amy astray, she got some killer boots. But its time for bed now, because tomorrow is New Years Eve, and we'll be braving the cold to see some fireworks!

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Casey said...

Happy New Years! I hope you guys found something awesome to do. :)