Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jet-Lag Free!!! (Part 1)

Ok now that I am out of my 14 hour sleep comma I think its time for a recap and a dramatic one at that. So after we arrived at our hotel I passed out to Amy blogging away and I didn't feel guilty, because I was on a brick bed with a stiff pillow and it was much better than sitting straight up on the air plane. I awoke to a strange smell, I would say imagine dirty wet socks with a funk, and I realized I was still in Korea, because the smell is everywhere, on my hands, on my bed, in the soap, in my hair, just about everywhere. Also it was 1 am, and I didn't have an ounce of sleep left in me, Amy soon woke up and we both sat there wondering what was happening. We watched some tv, which was quite disheartening mostly because hearing Korean is like driving a knife into your soul when you are worn out and starving, and breakfast was 7 hours away. So in between Korean basketball (which I must say is much better than the NBA) and Korean cooking shows the hours melted away, very slowly. Finally, it was time for breakfast and if Kim Chee (basically a way of preparing food that sets a flame in your mouth whether its octopus, lettuce, or whatever else you can think of) isn't your choice than they had spam disguised as ham, eggs that weren't bad, French fries (don't ask), and a funky tasting wonder bread. Needless to say we gave each other long looks of what were we thinking as we pondered what was next. It was funny we both asked each other I thought culture shock was suppose to come after the honeymoon stage, but I guess ours came right away and I'm sure theres more to come. However, I cannot even describe what happened in the second part of our day it was so refreshing and so completely different that it deserves another entry (with pictures as well)! Heres a picture of us getting our visas, sorry we are getting caught up!

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Sara said...

I heard that as long as you can survive the culture shock, you'll be okay. We love and miss you guys! :)