Friday, December 18, 2009

First off my apologies for not blogging yesterday, I had every intention and time simply got away from me.

I was skyped by my oldest brother Chris and we had a really nice long chat, after some technical difficulties with skype we switched to Gmail video chat which worked nicely. That convo truly made my day, it was just unexpected and sometimes its those little things that get me. It was fun talking to him about life over here and him totally understanding. He gave us some good tips and useful bits of info as all good big brothers do. Thanks Chris, love you!

Yesterday was nothing exciting... Ben and I did decide head out and see if we could find Home Mart, another grocery and other stuff store here. We could see the sign from our window so we knew it couldn't be far. We wandered down a few streets and eventually found it. It just felt like it took 2 hours to get there because it was about 16 degrees. It wasn't all that exciting. I like Lotte Mart better. This placed smelled, more so then Lotte Mart and the music was sooo ridiculously loud it was making Ben mad. The music here is just hilarious by the way, its so cheesy and completely ripped of from the US. I've heard several songs and thought wait I know that...except its in Korean. So we made a round at Home Mart and headed home to give our ears some much needed relief.

Ben headed off to school and I did some more cleaning as everything was dusty again. I had planned on giving the floor a good cleaning and then ended up bleaching the tile entry way too as I noticed it was accumulating some mold in the cracks. It now looks and actually IS very clean!

Mr. Lee popped in the other day to check out our fake broken tv (it didn't work for 3 days so we were getting excited about maybe being able to get a new one) but of course when Mr. Lee comes to check it out it works fine. While as he was walking out he turned around took a look around the place and said "it is very clean" and I'm pretty sure that was the best compliment I could possibly get right now. I haven't quite figured out if Koreans in general are just dirty or if its just the city life, most likely the later. After all those hours of scrubbing and bleaching and buckets full of black water it was the nicest thing anyone could have said to me. Apparently when he bought the place it was an absolute dump and he did do a lot to improve it before we got here by putting in a brand new kitchen, wash machine, and flooring. But the dirtiness still remained in the parts that didn't get ripped out and replaced. We're so thankful he did put so much effort into the place because I can not imagine what it looked like before.

So I'm excited for tonite, we're having Ian and Casey over tonite to hang out, our first guests! When we first moved in I thought there is no way we'll ever be able to have people over but now that I'm unpacked, moved in, and have made it my home why not. Its just life over here and they have just as big a place as we partay at my house tonite! Ok, so maybe not that kinda partay... Casey and I are going to work on some more paper Christmasy things, she knows how to make the stars I was struggling to make and we'll probably play some scrabble too. I'll be sure to take some pics!

Below are just a collection of random things I've taken pics of and thought they were interesting enough to post at some point so here they are...

Drying sheets in a shoe box size apt.

Drying a load of clothes takes some creativity, its like playing tetris except these shapes are way more difficult.

I was totally psyched when I found this at the grocery store, a sock dryer! It works great, my socks kept falling through the rack dryer and now I have more room for the bigger stuff; problem solved!

We couldn't find matches to light some smelly candles I bought to help with the yucky smells but we did find a GIGANTIC the lighter big or am I that small?

The ice on our window sills this morning when we woke up, it was super chilly!

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Casey said...

Lots of people smoke here, but I've never seen smaller lighters or matches. Do you think they all use the big ones? Your apartment is really clean and well put together, btw.