Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kindness... And A Barbeque To Be Proud Of

Its amazing I was sitting at dinner tonight just thinking that some people are just kind by nature. That it is nothing they do intentionally, but simply a gift to everyone around them. Mr. Lee has that gift and tonight was such a joy, but I will come back to that later. First off yesterday was my first day at school as an English teacher. Here is a picture of the front entrance of the school.

It was thrilling and terrifying at the same time. The kids were great, but I felt very inadequate as a teacher.

However, thanks mostly to my time at Oasis I felt pretty comfortable teaching. I had mostly younger children so it was fairly easy, get up and talk. Ask questions to get them out of there Korean mindset (multiple choice mindset) into a more creative thinking mindset. Today was much of the same, but I felt a little better about everything, it was fun though, exhausting but fun. Also, today I went to the hospital to have my physical and to get tested for the HIV. Everything went well but I must admit that unless my head is falling off my neck there is no way I will ever walk into that hospital willingly. There is something so scary about a hospital where no one can understand you, because hospitals are scary enough on there own. Later after class Mr. Lee wanted to take us all out for dinner, and believe it or not I was looking forward to it. Because last night I had pizza, and not just any pizza, bacon and cheese and here is a photo to prove it!!!

So tonight I was ready for a little bit of Korean, aka starting a fire in your mouth and stomach. However, I was shocked it was fairly plain pork, which seemed alot like beef, and I mean ALOT, with a salt and pepper rub. I mean I was in shock! The Koreans left the meat alone... and it tasted so good (though it was fatty and chewy, but one victory at a time). Than they brought out fluffed egg whites with peppers and it was really good. But the food was half the joy, because the company was priceless. Mr. Lee is such a kind man, just to take us out to dinner, but he spares no expense when he takes us out. He even bought cookies and pineapple from a vendor. Let me clarify, a vendor is someone who comes to your table during dinner and tries to sell you food. While everyone else ignored them, Mr. Lee listened to there sales pitch and bought cookies from one and pineapple from another(I teased him that soon all the vendors in the city would be coming to him). Also, he was worried about Amy being bored at home by herself so he gave her something to do so she wouldn't be bored. And we received our 3rd comforter today, this by far the best, its fuzzy. Its amazing, and he even asked if I wanted to play poker with him tomorrow when Amy is going shoe shopping. I mean his kindness is a gift to Amy and I. Dinner was so much fun too, because the Korean teachers came as well and we laughed a ton and had so much fun together. At this school it truly is a family, one I am happy and proud to be a part of.

Its funny because we came to Korea so blindly and we hear about other bosses and schools who are terrible, and yet we blindly stumble our way to the best boss and school ever! I guess sometimes what we see as blind stumbling, can be better categorized as divine leading. This thinking has filled my soul with hope, to know that everything is not random consequence, but that everything moves in motion with His marvelous plan. His plan for our lives and even greater for our deliverance, and that makes glimpses of kindness even sweeter, because they reflect the greatest act of kindness of them all!

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Kurt said...


Your encouraging words are a testomony of God's kindness, provision, and mercy here and there!
Keep up the good work and we are praying for you both.


Dad and Mon N.