Thursday, December 3, 2009

(Cliche Alert) Sleepless in Chicago

What a crazy day, 15 hours of traveling and counting, and we are only in Chicago. Granted we did have some lovely side trips aka breakfast with the Nanneys (mmhmm creme brulee French toast), and a dinner in Chicago eating our last American meal with the Cuthberts, but still our day started at 6:30am and it won't be over for at least another 17 hours or so, and thats just getting there. Trust me though we aren't complaining, I'll take this any day over selling sugar water, and we both can't wait to see whats next, whether we are sleepwalking or in Starbucks and Mountain Dew commas. And this just breaking news the Big Ten has beaten the ACC in the Big Ten - ACC Challenge, wow I've been waiting for this forever, this just made my night! Next blogs from the other side of the world!!!

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