Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Friends, Pizza, and Fabric Softener!

We had an absolutely fantastic day today, but before I get into the details let me show you a picture of our new comforter, it is wonderful and I have to show it off.

First of all Amy and I made fried egg sandwiches to start the day off right and it was very good. Than we met our new friends Ian and Casey at Dunkin Doughnuts for some snacks before we went and checked out a local site. Let me just say that we came to Korea thinking and fully prepared to do it ourselves, but to meet such a nice couple is amazing. It really helps subdue the lonely bug, and they are so nice and very funny and they just share alot of our thoughts so it was really fun. But we went to a reservoir, and I'll let the pictures tell the story.

The first is a pagoda, and a very colorful one at that.

Here is a closeup...

And here are a few pics of the actually reservoir itself...

Next up we have some pictures of us on a bridge overlooking a huge gorge.

Next up a picture of me and my sweety.

And these are pictures of a rock formation (it may not be real), and a couple more pictures in it. It is a waterfall when its warmer.

After the reservoir we ventured into the local carnival and witnessed the abuse that bachelors take on there bachelor parties. I have a picture but I don't really want to relive the pain I felt for him as he pranced around in women's underwear and was beat with wooden swords by his friends. After that we ventured into a university which turned out to be really scenic.

Heres a huge soccer field, I mean dirt soccer field.

And according to Ian this is a poetry reading spot, very pretty.

Here are two very fat bunnies, the first bunnies I have seen in Korea, you will have to look carefully to see them

And here is Amy, Ian, Casey and me riding the local wildlife, and a few pictures of the buildings at the univeristy.

Next up we have what seems to be a botanical garden.

After all our fun exploring we decided to try a new way home and that way home turned out to be a 3 to 4 mile marathon along the countryside which was actually a lot of fun. Though there were many moments of doubt we arrived back in Jecheon safe and sound. Upon arriving we went to a local pizza joint with English menus and filled our collapsing stomachs with much needed carbs and coca cola. Later Ian and Casey showed us around town and we saw a real movie theater. Also, we found some knives and glasses at a store which resembled a dollar store and we were overjoyed. Than we strolled around the local super market and got invaluable tips of what was good and we even saw fabric softeners to Amy's delight! Overall tonight was just a blast and exactly what we both needed. I leave you with a picture of some outdoor shops and some pretty lights downtown, and a big thank you to our new friends for taking there day off and showing us around town we really really appreciate it!


Casey said...

I'm glad you guys had as much fun as we did. I made a Google map visual aid for our walk and posted it on our blog if you're curious. Our Blogger HTML is being really strange, is yours? By the way, you and Amy are both really good at framing your photos. They look great. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Benjamin & Amy said...

We haven't been experiencing any problems with our blogger html yet, except that I can't post videos or when I post pics it always puts them at the top. Glad you liked the pics, and Im going right now to see how long our hike was, my legs are reluctant though because they don't want to know.

Sara said...

I'm glad you're posting so many pictures! It's fun to see what you guys are doing. :)

And, Amy...the apartment is looking quite cozy! (I read the most recent entry before going back and reading this one.) I love how you have the stockings hung! :)

Love you guys...

Benjamin & Amy said...

thanks Sara! Its actually been tough making this place feel warm and cozy especially for Christmas but I'm working on it at the moment... more pics to come ; )